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transfat free tortas

Desserts of Distinction is offering more than desserts now. Part of their new line is a trio of baked tortas, a cheesey appetizer. These can be stashed in the freezer for up to six months, so you can be ready to serve them to surprise guests at a few moments notice

Torta varieties

These rich and cheesy tortas come in three varieties: Olives and Onions, Sundried Tomato and Jalepeno and Artichoke. With ingredients like cream cheese, pesto, pine nuts and fresh eggs, these tortas are luscious and flavor-filled without any trans fats.

From freezer to table

Simply defrost a torta and then heat in the microwave for less than a minute. Serve with crackers, rounds of french bread or pita. Elegant and easy, they are quick to serve and a sure crowd pleaser at your next party.

Ordering the Tortas

Visit the desserts of distinction website, where they will be launching these tortas soon and order online. Can't wait? Call them and order by phone right away.

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