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California Rice Oil Company Rice Bran Oil ProductCalifornia Rice Oil Company Review

We recently had the opportunity to try the rice oil marketed by the California Rice Oil Company. This trans fat free cooking oil has a very mild flavor and high smoke point, so it is ideal for many types of cooking and baking.

What is rice bran oil?
Rice oil comes from the bran and germ of the rice. The bran and the germ are in the later between the outer hull and the inner kernel of the rice and are the most nutritious part of each rice grain. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, it is a blend of mono-unsaturated fat (47%), poly-unsaturated fat (33%) and saturated fat (20%).

Benefits of rice oil
According to the California Rice Oil Company, the balance of fats in the California Rice Oil Company rice oil has been shown to have positive health effects including lowering cholesterol.

Rice bran oil also has a very high smoke point, which means the oil can be used to cook at very high temperatures. Rice bran oil's smoke point is 490 degrees F compared to olive oil with a smoke point of 360 degrees and canola with a 450 degree smoke point. This high cooking temperature makes it excellent for deep frying, sautéing and stir frying.

It has a light viscosity and foods cooked in rice bran oil absorb less fat than with many other types of oil (up to 20% less, according to the product literature).

Rice bran oil is also hypoallergenic!

Trying rice bran oil
We received two attractive bottles of rice bran oil from the California Rice Oil Company for our review. We proceeded to test the rice bran oil samples for a variety of uses and were overwhelmingly impressed. We started by dipping bread in the oil, to get a sense of its flavor. It was delicate and mild with a lightly buttery flavor. It had no aftertaste and has a pleasant scent.

Next, we tried the rice bran oil for sautéing vegetables. It was smooth, silky and barely noticeable, leaving the vegetables nicely cooked without seeming greasy. Thumbs up, so far.

After our success with the veggies, we tried the rice bran oil in a variety of other uses including prepping the grill for meat, cooking eggs and baking banana bread. The mild oil worked well for all of these uses and the flavor was pleasant.

We were very pleased with the results of the rice oil and have become believers – we will definitely buy this oil and use it for many of our cooking and baking projects!!!

We used the rice oil to make pie crust, using this oil pie crust recipe and it was fabulous. The delicate flavor made a delicious crust and the texture was flaky and perfect!

And rice bran oil isn't just for home cooking. Read about California rice oil for food service.

About The California Rice Oil Company

The California Rice Oil Company was formed in 1999 and is based in Novato, CA. Their rice oil is available for consumer and food service use. The company uses no GMO rice and their oil is certified Kosher.

California Rice Oil Company's rice bran oil can be purchased from local retailers or may be ordered directly from the company. Visit the company's web site at

Want another opinion? A visitor recently offered us this review of California Rice Bran oil.





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