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California Rice Oil Visitor Product Review

After seeing a review of California Rice Bran Oil at, I was intrigued, as well as interested in the health benefits. I decided to try it and ordered the smallest quantity (2 bottles of 750 ml each) available from their web site. A few days later I received two attractive bottles of rice oil and decided to put them the first to work.

Rice bran oil has mostly replaced olive oil unless I'm sautťing veggies Mediterranean style and want the olive oil flavor. Iíve used it for salad dressing, to cook scrambled eggs, and to make a vegetable frittata. Iíve used a small amount of rice bran oil to keep ground turkey or beef from sticking to the pan during browning. The flavor of the oil is pleasant and unobtrusive, even with scrambled eggs. In addition, Iíve used rice bran oil to sautť veggies Chinese style. Its slight nutty rice flavor complements Chinese food. Iím looking forward to trying it in my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe, which calls for oil instead of solid shortening.

I expect to use rice bran oil for some time to come and hope it becomes easier to obtain from retail grocers or health food stores.






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