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Low Sugar Cereal from Bear Naked Review

Triple Berry Crunch

Bear Naked's Triple Berry Crunch is a granola in the company's low sugar cereal line. It does not  any artificial sweeteners replacing the sugar it just doesn't have much sugar in it. But, the amazing thing is it doesn't taste like any sugar is missing. It is delicious and is easily my favorite of all the Bear Naked granolas I sampled. The chewy-crunchy granola is accompanied by dried blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and nuts, making for a delicious combination. The combination of the whole grain granola and the protein packed nuts makes for a fiber rich breakfast or snack with a low glycemic index. These things add up to not only satisfy you when you eat it, but to keep your stomach happy until the next mealtime.

Our only complaint? We couldn't seem to limit ourselves to a single "serving size" of cup (and now our bag is very, very empty). A quarter cup was only enough when we sprinkled it over yogurt, not when we were eating it with milk as our breakfast. We heartily give this satisfying cereal two thumbs up.

Vanilla Almond Crunch

Much like its sibling the Triple Berry Crunch, the Vanilla Almond Crunch from Bear Naked is hearty, flavorful and satisfying. The vanilla flavor gives it a comforting "treat" flavor and scent without blowing the calorie or sugar budget for the day. We enjoyed this cereal, although we felt that using blanched almonds in it would be a slight improvement.

Neither of these granolas has any added oil, sugar, cholesterol, sodium or high fructose corn syrup. Both the Low Sugar Granolas from Bear Naked met with our approval and admiration. We will definitely be eating these again and again.

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