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Annie's Homegrown Pasta Dishes

Some of the prepared pasta dishes on the market have trans fats, others are in the process of removing them and a few were trans fat free to begin with. But, all of Annie's Homegrown Pasta dishes are completely trans fat free!

Annie's BernieO's

In response to the new labeling laws, Spaghettio's (owned by Campbells) are reformulated to remove the trans fat. Why did they really need trans fat in there in the first place? Regardless, Annie's homegrown has a better answer to for those who want a classic prepared pasta. BernieO's are bunny-shaped and "o" shaped pasta pieces in a smooth and satisfying tomato-based sauce. This all-natural and certified organic food tastes just like the classic (if you're looking for a pasta in a fresh marinara, head down to your local Italian trattoria) and are sure to satisfy both kids and adults. While I try not to eat out of a can often, sometimes convenience reigns and BernieO's get a thumb and two rabbit ears up!

You can find it online at the Annie's store.

Annie's Organic Butter and Herb Pasta side dish

Most of the "pasta in sauce" side dishes I have previously tried (from other manufacturers) tend to be on the gluey side. I was quite impressed with the creamy texture and fresh taste of the Annie's Organic Butter and Herb pasta. It was quick and easy to make you simply add butter, milk and water and allow it to cook for 10 minutes and it is ready to serve.

This tender pasta in sauce is ideal for serving as a side dish with nearly any main dish; you can serve it plain or add other ingredients (like fresh vegetables) to it. It contains all natural, organic ingredients and is completely vegetarian, too!






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