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Annie's Macaroni and Cheese Reviews

Okay, technically, even Kraft macaroni and cheese is trans fat free, as long as you make it with butter and not margarine. (Watch the saturated fat content, though!) But, we are impressed by Annie's Homegrown's overall commitment to healthy, trans fat free products, and by their selection of organic foods. So, we're providing reviews of several of Annie's products to help you make good decisions about healthy convenience foods to feed your family.

Annie's Creamy Deluxe Elbows and Four Cheese Sauce

This is one of the newer Annie's products and we were really impressed. It is easy to make – simply cook the pasta, add the pre-made cheese sauce (no butter or milk to add) and stir. The sauce, made with cheddar, asiago, parmesan and Monterey jack is creamy with just the right amount of zing. Every member of our family liked it (and our little one is quite picky!) and it got our seal of approval. The only downside is a very minor one – when saved as leftovers and reheated, the taste and texture suffered a little more than Kraft does … and it is probably because Kraft doesn't use real food in theirs…

You can find it online at the Annie's store.

Annie's Homegrown Shells and Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar

This package of Annie's macaroni and cheese is similar in preparation to a more traditional style boxed mac 'n' cheese. You cook the pasta and then mix the dried cheese sauce mix with milk; you can add butter if you like a richer sauce, but it is not necessary and I found the sauce quite satisfying without it.

However, be advised that you should follow the directions, since they call for you to mix the sauce mix with the milk BEFORE you add the pasta back into the pan from your colander. If you do not follow the directions – I speak from experience here – you end up with little cheese lumps in your shells. Now, they are really yummy little cheese lumps, but they are lumps, nonetheless.

The flavor of the cheese is quite sharp, and I really enjoyed it. It was a little zesty for the toddler in our house, but she does not like sharp cheddar (or much else, to be honest).

You can find it online at the Annie's store.






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