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Trans Fat Free Annie's Cracker Review

Annie's Homegrown makes a selection of trans fat free crackers. Even better, they are shaped like the company's mascot, Bernie the bunny. Of course, the real test is how they taste.

We put four varieties of Annie's crackers to the test with a panel of two Moms and three picky kids. Here are the results:

Original Cheddar Bunnies

The original cheddar bunnies had a unanimous decision from our panel – they are great! They are the perfect size for little hands to grab for snacking and are delicious. Why are they better than their leading competitors, the * ahem * goldfish? Annie's uses real cheddar cheese and organic wheat flour to ensure they are healthy. And, unlike the other crackers that have recently been reformulated in response to the trans fat labeling law, the Original Cheddar Bunnies have always been trans fat free!

Want to order cheddar bunnies?

Whole Wheat Cheddar Bunnies

The whole wheat cheddar bunnies got mixed reviews from our panel, but for the most part reactions were positive. One child thought they were the best crackers and asked for more… and more… and more. One other child and one mom thought they were pretty good while one child and mom gave the wheat cheddar bunnies a "so-so" rating. Both moms and two kids thought that the whole wheat version would actually be better without the cheese and wished there was a plain whole wheat bunny available from Annies.  The moms did like the whole grain content of the whole wheat and none of the kids had a problem with that – it was the slightly sharp cheese flavor that proved challenging for some members of our panel. Note that these crackers use organic white cheddar. Overall consensus is that they are tasty and the adults were pleased by the low fat content.

Order wheat bunnies or learn more about them.

Ranch Cheddar Bunnies

The ranch cheddar bunnies from Annie's have a zesty herb seasoning on them. None of the kids on our panel cared for them, but both moms thought they were excellent. They have the flavor and crunch of superior croutons and the moms were plotting to toss them into salads. What bunny wouldn't like hanging out in a bowl of mixed baby greens and other veggies? The flavor of the bunnies may be a little more adult than the plain cheddar ones, but the moms gave these a "must munch" rating.

Visit the Annie's web site for more information on ranch bunnies.

BBQ Cheddar Bunnies

The BBQ cheddar bunnies have a tangy and smoky barbecue flavor. One of the children disliked the BBQ bunnies, and both of the others preferred other varieties. One mom thought they were really good and the other (who isn't wild about BBQ flavored things to begin with) thought they were "okay". These were our least favorite of the collection, but the mom who liked them did want to take the rest of the box home with her. 

Try BBQ bunnies for yourself...

Our conclusions:

While the different flavors clearly appeal to different tastes, all of the Annie's crackers found enthusiastic audiences on our little panel. In addition, they are clearly made from high quality, healthy ingredients and are definitely products we will buy for our families!

 All of the Annie's crackers are free of partially and fully hydrogenated oils, so they are trans fat free. They are available in boxes (7.5 ounces of crackers per box) or in individual snack bags, suitable for taking on the go.





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