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Bear Naked Granola

Bear Naked Granola comes in a variety of flavors, so whatever your preferences, there is a Bear Naked flavor for you!           

All of the Bear Naked granola varieties are made with wholesome, all-natural, trans fat free ingredients. They come in easy-to-reseal plastic bags that are convenient to store and carry and all feature the classic Bear Naked crunchy, yet crunchy, fresh-baked texture.

While we're sure this granola would be great mixed in yogurt or baked into things, we sampled each one in the classic ways – with milk as cereal and dry as a snack. Across the board we give Bear Naked thumbs up for great flavor, texture and high quality.

The Bear Naked granolas are fairly high in calories, so make sure you read the label if you are watching your caloric intake – and the quarter cup "serving size" is fairly chintzy since to make a reasonable breakfast really takes about ½ to ¾ of a cup, even of this dense cereal. On the plus side, the fat comes mostly from great sources like high protein nuts and the fiber content is excellent.

Fruit and Nut

The Fruit and Nut is the "original" from Bear Naked – the one that founder Kelly made in her own kitchen and marketed locally… One taste of this classic and it is easy to see why she was able to build a whole company on this treat.

Bear Naked Apple Cinnamon Granola

The apple cinnamon granola was our hands-down favorite. It is flavorful, filling and a great breakfast or snack.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

While both our testers liked the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor (the newest in granola offerings from the Bear Naked folks), we did have a bit of debate. One tester found the granola a little "salty" and more "peanut butter" than jelly, wishing the fruit "jelly" bits were smaller and more plentiful. Ironically, our other tester loved the peanutty flavor and said he could skip the jelly bits altogether… Now, if we just pick the fruit out and put all the bits in one bowl…

Peak Protein and Peak Protein Blueberry Walnut

Looking to up your protein intake? These high protein granola options pack a protein punch while offering the tasty Bear Naked high quality and flavor.

You may note that some online reviewers have commented on the lack of "nutrition" in Bear Naked's granola – specifically that there are not as many vitamins and minerals in them as in other cereals. This is because most cereals are "enriched." So, enjoy the natural goodness and nutrients that the real food used in these granolas provide and just eat a healthy diet to round out your day.

In addition to the standard 12 ounce bags of Bear Naked, the cereal is also offered in larger bags and in convenient snack size packs. While many retailers are now carrying Bear Naked (including Target and Costco), you can order it online directly from the Bear Naked Web site and also from Amazon.

Order Bear Naked from Amazon.

Review of Bear Naked's Low Sugar Cereal Granola Products

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