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Desserts of Distinction Cookie Review

healthy cookiesThere are a lot of pre-made cookies on the market and several firms offer frozen or refrigerated cookie dough. However the quality and flavor of these cookies varies dramatically.

Trans Fat Free Cookies

Desserts of Distinction is offering a new line (soon to be released on their website) of gourmet homestyle frozen cookie products, made with fine, natural ingredients and sure to thrill you!

We tested three of the pre-baked varieties in these trans fat free cookies and thought they were delicious.


The first we tried was the Snickerdoodle we have a discerning six year-old Snickerdoodle fan in our house, and her first question after biting into the cookie was "Can we get more of these?"

 Chocolate Chip:

The big battle here was over the chocolate chip cookies. One bite and we were all hooked, since they have that perfect cookie consistency a little chewy, a little crunchy and a little "melt in your mouth" and great flavor.

Oatmeal Raisin:

Again, we were pleased with the flavor and quality (at least those of us willing to consume raisins). These are highly recommended.

Other varieties of cookies that will be available include peanut butter dough, butterscotch oatmeal, chocolate/white chocolate chip cookie dough. In addition, the frozen preformed cookie dough is available in three sugar free flavors.

Natural Ingredients

One of the nicest things about eating these cookies after the great flavor and texture was knowing they have such wholesome ingredients. They all use organic flour (including organic whole wheat flour), evaporated cane juice, eggs and real butter. These "real" ingredients are natural and far healthier than many of the additives and food substitutes found in items produced by many commercial bakeries.

Frozen Preformed Dough, Tubs and Pre-baked

Regardless of your preferred form, Desserts of Distinction has the alternative you need, since they offer your choice of frozen preformed cookie dough "pucks," baked "thaw and serve" cookies or bulk frozen cookie dough in tubs. If you're wondering who sells sugar free cookie dough, Desserts of Distinction has you covered for that, as well.

Ordering Desserts of Distinction Cookies

Visit the desserts of distinction website, where they will be launching these cookies soon and order online. Can't wait? Call them and order by phone right away.


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