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Duncan Hines Marble Cake, Z-Trim directions

Blend dry cake mix with one quarter cup of butter and one quarter cup of Z-Trim.

Use the water and eggs that the recipe calls for and make the cake as otherwise directed!

Note that the mix itself has some partially hydrogenated oil, but the overall fat content is greatly reduced. Of course you can remove the trans fat entirely by baking a cake from scratch with Z-Trim.




It sounds too good to be true. Not only is it a no-calorie fat replacement, it is high in fiber, low in carbs and has not been molecularly modified. What is it? Its maker, food manufacturer Fibergel, calls it Z-Trim.

What exactly is Z-Trim?
Z-Trim is a zero calorie fat replacement made from corn fiber. Developed at the U.S. Department of Agriculture by scientist Dr. George Inglett, Ztrim uses insoluble corn fiber to provide volume, moisture, texture and structural integrity to reduced fat products. The product is sold as a gel that is easy to measure and use in a variety of foods.
Z-trim fat replacement
So, can Z-Trim replace all fat? It is actually recommended that you use it to replace part of the fat in food products and in recipes. When it is used to replace up to half the fat, it can dramatically reduce the calories and increase the fiber, while retaining flavor and even improving texture of some products. And, not only is it a complex carbohydrate with no calories and no fat– it is filling, which is ideal for dieters.

Uses of Z-Trim
Z-Trim can be used in a variety of baked products to replace a portion of the fat without any detriment to flavor or texture. It can be blended with fats such as butter or cream cheese in order to reduce the fat content. It can also be used in other food such as salad dressings, dips and sauces. It cannot be used to deep fry foods, but other than that is quite versatile.

The verdict
In response to our request for samples to review, Fibergel provided a sample kit that included brownies, chocolate chip cookies and salad dressing, all made with Z-Trim. It also included Z-Trim gel and some flour blended with Z-Trim. The sample baked goods were moist and tasty, if not of the super-decadent variety. In addition, we used the gel with a commercial cake mix to make our own reduced fat cake. The results were very impressive and family members happily devoured it without guessing it was substantially lower in fat than the average cake. It was delicious and we didn't notice any difference in flavor or texture after reducing the butter by half. I also blended some Z-Trim with a higher fat salad dressing and was quite pleased. Like other fat substitutes, Z-Trim is not a ticket to unlimited eating. However, for those trying to reduce fat and calories in their diet, it looks like an ideal start.

The packaging and slogan are not ideal, but the product contained within is extremely promising. Z-Trim products are available directly from the Z-Trim website.




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