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Ahhh, the possibilities...

The No Pudge web site offers recipes using the No Pudge brownie mix including things like Frozen Mousse Brownie Sandwiches, Black Forest Brownies, No Pudge Truffles and Marshmallow Graham Treats to name just a delicious few. 

It gets better and better...

Did we mention that they are also Kosher and if you are doing Weight Watchers a single brownie (1/16th of the batch) is only 2 points?


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No Pudge Brownies

We started with a question… Can a trans fat free brownie mix make delicious and satisfying brownies? Then, we found something even better – a brownie mix that was entirely fat free (no trans fat, no saturated fat, no fat at all) and claimed to be chewy and chocolatey and yummy. Of course, we had to try it. Full of hope, we requested samples for review and low and behold… boxes of No Pudge Brownie mix arrived.

Making the brownies

Determined to offer the best information here at transfatfree, we took on the task of baking and testing a batch of the original No Pudge Brownies. One box of original mix makes an 8 x 8 (or thinner 9 x 9) pan of brownies. We followed one of the alternate preparation options (you can find lots of variations and recipes that use the No Pudge mix on the No Pudge website, including non dairy versions) and made the brownie bites by using miniature muffin tins. The instructions suggest making 36, but it seemed they would be a bit small (and we could only find two of our mini-muffin tins if the truth be told) so we made 24 of them. At about 60 calories each (for our more generously sized ones), they are a great treat, and even eating two of them isn't too sinful.

To make the No Pudge brownies, you simply add some non-fat vanilla yogurt to the mix and stir thoroughly. Put it in a pan  -- or in the case of the bites into the mini-muffin tin compartments -- (coated with pan spray) and bake. Note that the batter is really thick.  The process is easy and only gets a bowl, spoon and rubber spatula dirty.

The test

Once the brownies were cool, we set out to test them. Yes, life is tough around here. Our conclusion? In one word… Yum. The brownies are chewy in texture and very chocolatey (there is Dutch cocoa in the mix). The discerning small child in the family declared them delicious and immediately asked for seconds. The Dad, after asking if this was a trans fat free thing, declared them "really good – I'll definitely eat these." He was astounded to learn they were totally fat free. Overall consensus was that while they may not be quite as gooey as some of their competitors, for the lack of fat and the overall quality, they are wonderful. We will make them and eat them again.

So, what is in them? 

The ingredients list has real food – no chemicals and unpronounceable additives. Specifically, the original mix includes: pure cane sugar, unbleached wheat flour, Dutch cocoas, egg whites, cornstarch, wheat gluten, natural vanilla flavor, salt and baking soda.

 The No Pudge Brownies also come in mint, raspberry and cappuccino flavors. Depending on your retailer, you can purchase the mix for around $3 - $4. Visit the No Pudge web site for more information. The company is now offering ice cream, but we are going to have to convince one of our local retailers to carry it before we can share a review with you…

Also, we plan to review the other flavors in future months - oh, the hardship...




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