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Quick facts about Naturally Nora

* Naturally Nora mixes are soy and dairy free -- you add either milk or soy milk when you make it!

* Naturally Nora mixes are Kosher!

* Naturally Nora also makes mixes for four flavors of frosting


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Naturally Nora Cake Mixes

All Natural Cake Mixes

Naturally Nora cake mixAs simple as cake mixes may seem, the ingredient lists are often laden with chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, not to mention unhealthy fats. Finally, there are some alternatives for those who need convenience, but demand quality in the foods they consume.

Healthy and delicious convenience foods?

Naturally Nora set out to create a line of all natural cake mixes that were as delicious -- and visually appealing to kids and adults alike -- as anything available, but with none of the questionable food additives that abound in most commercial brands.

Transfatfree recently had the opportunity to sample several of Naturally Nora’s products and we were suitably impressed!

Baking your cake and eating it too

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of a cake mix? Not only are they filled with, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial ingredients, they use totally unnecessary artificial colors. And, of course the “confetti” style cakes so popular with kids are the worst offenders. The Pillsbury “Funfetti” cake mixes use four food dyes (Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40 and Blue 1) that the Center for Science in the Public interest is petitioning the FDA to ban. Even “plain vanilla” yellow cake mixes often use these colorants. But your kids love the bright colors? Never fear. Nora brings you bright and cheerful colorful confetti in both Alot'a Dots cake (and frosting) -- without the fake colorants. How does she get the appealing dots? Naturally Nora uses natural ingredients like berry juice and spinach extract to get their appealing colors.

The Naturally Nora Cake Flavors

With five tempting cake flavors and four frostings to top them off, Naturally Nora has a variety that will appeal to any cake lover:

Cake Flavors:

* Sunny Yellow

* Cheerful Chocolate

* Alot’a Dots

* Cookie Cookie

* Surprising Stars

Our Review

The junior member of the family was enthused about the cheery look of the cake mixes and petitioned to make the "Surprising Stars" cake and frosting first. The instructions were as easy to follow as any mainstream commercial brand, although they called for milk instead of the customary water. We have also tried the Cheerful Chocolate cake and frosting and the Alot'a Dots cake and frosting mixes.

All of the results were very tasty and enjoyed by all testers. The cakes were moist and the frostings were smooth and creamy with a "homemade" texture and flavor. Note that the frostings are softer (and easier to spread) than the prepared "tubs" of frosting in the mainstream brands. The cake is a little denser than that made with a typical cake mix but is not heavy.






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