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Looking for products that do not contain trans fats or trans fatty acids? Check out our healthy trans fat free food product listings, reviews and features! Want to cook or bake your own? Check out our recipes section.


Trans fat free food products

Oils and Fats
See all trans free oils and fats
Olive oil: All olive oils are trans fat free, but we recommend you only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Crisco 0 grams trans fat: Traditional Crisco vegetable shortening is packed with trans fats, but they have announced a new version that is trans fat free per serving. The company claims it can be used just like regular shortening, with comparable flavor.
Rice bran oil is trans fat free and offers high nutritional benefits along with a high smoke point. Learn more...
Snack foods
See all trans free snack foods
Annie's Cheddar Bunnies: These delicious bunny shaped crackers are trans fat free. They also offer whole wheat, bbq and ranch flavor bunnies! Read a new review of all of the Annie's crackers or order all of the  Annie's products online at their informative web site.
Amy's Toaster Pops: These tasty snacks come in apple or strawberry and contain no trans fat and no saturated fat!

See all trans free sweets and treats
No pudge brownie mix: No pudge brownies are fat free. All you add is yogurt. Delicious! Read a no pudge review here!
Amy's organic apple pie: This all-organic apple pie comes frozen for freshness and can be heated in the oven or microwave.
Desserts of Distinction offers premade cheesecake, no sugar added cheesecake, cookies and other treats that are all trans fat free.

Main courses and convenience foods
See all trans fat free main dishes
Applegate Farms Chicken Nuggets: Antibiotic free chicken with no trans fats. Kid friendly
Annie's Cheesy Ravioli: certified organic and no trans fat! Check out all of Annie's products online.
Gorton's frozen fish fillets, shrimp bowls and fish sticks are now trans fat free!

Want pastry with no trans fat and no saturated fat? Try Olga Extra Fine Fillo Dough, made with Canola oil. Delicate and delicious pastry leaves can be used to make sweets, appetizers and main dishes.

Trans fat product news

natural foods market

Tired of reading every label, looking for partially hydrogenated oil or shortening? Make life a little easier and shop at your local Wild Oats natural market. Wild Oats, which also owns Henry's Marketplace and Sun Harvest stores has removed all foods with partially hydrogenated oils from their shelves. You can have a trans fat free shopping experience when you patronize their aisles.



Would you like a review of your trans fat free food? We will happily consider reviewing any reputable products that do not contain trans fats. If they are heart healthy and free of saturated fats, so much the better! Contact us to provide a product sample.

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