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Looking for yummy sweets without trans fatty acids? We've got you covered with our list of delectable desserts and sweet snacks.
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Trans fat free sweets, treats and desserts

No pudge brownie mix: No pudge brownies are totally fat free. All you add is yogurt. Delicious!
Amy's organic apple pie: This all-organic apple pie comes frozen for freshness and can be heated in the oven or microwave. No trans fats!
Barbara's Bakery Snackimals Animal Cookies: These cookies use organic grains and expeller pressed canola oil for trans fat free snacking.
Desserts of Distinction offers premade cheesecake, no sugar added cheesecake, cookies and other treats that are all trans fat free.

Kashi's new TLC line offers some remarkable oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (and others, but we can't seem to get our minds of the chocolate chip) that are full of healthy ingredients and are -- of course -- trans fat free.

Newman's Own offers Newman-Os, an all-organic, trans fat free sandwich cookie. They use organic palm fruit oil, which has less saturated fat than butter and no trans fatty acids.

Newman's Own Organics also has Champion Chip cookies that are completely trans fat free. The six flavors make great snacks for every taste.
Voortman brand cookies are now all trans fat free!

Featured product

Not only trans fat free, but totally fat free:
No Pudge Brownies. These fabulous brownies are delicious, chewy and decadent. Read our new No Pudge product review.


No sugar added cheesecake

Read our review of no sugar, trans fat free cheesecake from Desserts of Distinction!


Would you like a review of your trans fat free food? We will happily consider reviewing any reputable products that do not contain trans fats. If they are heart healthy and free of saturated fats, so much the better! Contact us to provide a product sample.

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