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Looking for oil, fat and shortening products that do not contain trans fats? You'll find them all here! Don't forget to check our recipes section for great ways to use these products!
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Trans fat free oils and fats

Olive oil: All olive oils are trans fat free monounsaturated fat. The best quality olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Learn more about extra virgin olive oil...
Flax seed oil: Flax seed oils are all free of trans fatty acids.
Crisco 0 grams trans fat: Traditional Crisco vegetable shortening is packed with trans fats, but they have announced a new trans fat free version. The company claims it can be used just like regular shortening, with comparable flavor.
Promise buttery spread has several products that are trans fat free. It can be used as a spread and you can bake and cook with it just like margarine. Promise does contain some plant-based (palm) saturated fats.
Z-Trim offers an all natural fat substitute made from corn fiber. This innovative product has no calories and a mild flavor. Read our Z-Trim product review.
Fleischmann's soft spread products are trans fat free (per serving). The line includes: Fleischmann's Original, Unsalted, Light and Made with Olive Oil.
NuSun sunflower oil is more stable, without hydrogenation, than previous sunflower oil products.
Rice bran oil offers a lot of promise. It is light and pleasant tasting, filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants. And, of course it is trans fat free.
Read a review of California Rice Oil Company's rice bran oil!

Whole Harvest offers a line of trans fat free cooking oils, sold to the restaurant industry. Their expeller pressed oils have no trans fat, retain natural Omega-3s and Vitamin E, and have neutral flavor and long fry life.

Featured Product:

 California Rice Oil Company's Rice Bran Oil

This rice bran oil is anti-oxidant filled, nutritious and trans fat free. Lighter and more neutrally flavored than olive oil, rice bran oil is ideal for baking and salads. Read our whole review!

Find it at your local grocery, order it online from the California Rice Oil Company.




Would you like a review of your trans fat free food? We will happily consider reviewing any reputable products that do not contain trans fats. If they are heart healthy and free of saturated fats, so much the better! Contact us to provide a product sample.

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