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Looking for convenience foods for a quick dinner? Our hand-selected collection of convenience and packaged main dishes and entrees are trans fat free!
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Trans fat free main dishes & convenience foods

Applegate Farms Chicken Nuggets: Antibiotic free chicken with no trans fats. Kid friendly.
Annie's Cheesy Ravioli: certified organic and no trans fat! Order all of Annie's products online.
Annie's macaroni and cheese Annie's Organic boxed macaroni and cheese comes in 7 great varieties! Can't find it in your local grocery? Order it from Annie's online! You can even buy a sampler pack to try all the Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese varieties so you can pick your favorites or order just the cheese packets. How great is that?.
Annie's BernieOs: Delicious pasta in sauce in a can. It is certified organic and no trans fat! Order all of Annie's products online.Read a product review
Gorton's now offers trans fat free frozen fish fillets, fish sticks and, shrimp bowls! Their classic product line has been entirely revamped.

Trader Joe's chicken drummettes: Sure to please even the pickiest child, Trader Joe's frozen chicken nuggets are made with all boneless white meat chicken and are 100% trans fat free!

Annie's Homegrown Organic Shells and Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar: This is boxed macaroni and cheese for grownups. Read the full product review.

Annie's Organic Butter and Herb Pasta side dish: this creamy accompaniment will go with most main dishes! Read a product review.


Featured product

Annie's Creamy Deluxe Elbows and Four Cheese Sauce

This creamy macaroni and cheese is made with organic pasta and four kinds of real cheese.

Read a product review of Annie's deluxe macaroni and cheese.



Would you like a review of your trans fat free food? We will happily consider reviewing any reputable products that do not contain trans fats. If they are heart healthy and free of saturated fats, so much the better! Contact us to provide a product sample.

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