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Looking for bread, bagels, muffins and breakfast cereal without harmful trans fat? You'll find a great collection of fat free product recommendations here!
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Trans fat free breads and breakfast products

Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread is trans fat free.
Otis Spunkmeyer offers muffins in blueberry and banana nut that are naturally trans fat free.
Health Valley Granola bars are made with heart healthy sunflower oil and are a great breakfast for those on the go.
Milton's100% whole wheat bread is free of trans fat and saturated fat! It is a delicious high-fiber bread.
Pastry does not have to be trans fat laden! Olga Extra Fine Fillo Dough provides delicate pastry sheets, suitable for baking sweets, appetizers and main dishes, that is trans fat free. It uses canola oil so it is also saturated fat free and is easy to store and use.

Featured product

Health Valley Wild Berry Granola Bars

With 100 calories per 1-ounce bar and only
1 gram of fat (from heart healthy sunflower oil) these bars are great for breakfast on the go, or for a healthy trans fat free mid-morning snack.




Would you like a review of your trans fat free food? We will happily consider reviewing any reputable products that do not contain trans fats. If they are heart healthy and free of saturated fats, so much the better! Contact us to provide a product sample.

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