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Check here for the latest news as well as archived stories on trans fat, trans fat labeling, trans fat free products and trans fat laws.

January 2007

More cities are investigating trans fat bans... Los Angeles and Chicago are just a few of the latest to jump on the trans fat free bandwagon. Of course, LA may not have to worry about it since a state legislator is also trying to get a trans fat ban on the books.

December 2006  Will Los Angeles be the next trans fat free city? Lawmakers are considering a measure similar to the one in NYC to ban trans fats from restaurant fare!

December 2006

Trans fats are officially off the menu in New York City. Restaurants must remove all trans fats from the food they serve to continue to do business in the big apple!

November 2006

Fast food giant Arby's has announced they are removing trans fat from their french fries! Taco Bell has already announced they will switch to all trans fat free cooking oil by spring 2007.

June 2006

Kraft Food is gradually replacing trans fatty acids in their packaged food products. A serving of Oreos now has zero grams of trans fat. That isn't a license to eat them unchecked, of course; they still have plenty of other fat, sugar and empty carb calories.

June 2006

Gotta have your French fries? Consider stopping into Wendys. The fast food chain is replacing all of their partially hydrogenated frying oil with non-hydrogenated varieties for their fries and breaded chicken food products.


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