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Quick facts about Naturally Nora

* Naturally Nora mixes are soy and dairy free -- you add either milk or soy milk when you make it!

* Naturally Nora mixes are Kosher!

* Naturally Nora also makes five cake mix flavors


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Naturally Nora Frosting Mix

Natural Frosting Mix Review

Premade frostings and convenient frosting mixes are notoriously filled with unhealthy gats. Naturally Nora offers simple-to-make frosting mixes that taste like homemade and don't have the additives and artificial ingredients that fill the mainstream convenience brands.

About Nora's Frosting

To make Naturally Nora frosting, simply melt butter, then mix with milk or soy milk and the packaged mix. Easy, creamy and delicious. And, not only can you get vanilla and chocolate, but also two kid-friendly varieties with charming "sprinkles" that are sure to put smiles on the little people in your house.

The Naturally Nora Frosting Flavors

With four frostings options, Naturally Nora has a variety that will appeal to any cake lover:

Frosting Flavors:

* Extraordinary Vanilla

* Cheerful Chocolate

* Alot’a Dots

* Cookie Cookie

Our Review

The Nora frostings were all very enjoyable in both taste and texture. The vanilla varieties had rich flavor and creamy texture, and the chocolate was satisfyingly decadent. Our littlest tester said "Just like homemade, except just a teeny bit less good than mom's." (Of course, that earned an extra cupcake...)

We will definitely be buying Nora frosting, happy it has no artificial flavors, colors and no nasty trans fats!






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