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The official FDA site has great information on trans fat. Follow our link to them or find more organizations with trans fat free resources. Visit our links page.

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Check out our Squidoo Trans Fat Free page for quick updates on the latest news. We also have a page devoted to healthy eating, in general, with news on the best super foods to include in your diet, as well as foods you should avoid (besides trans fats).

Looking for trans fat free solutions for food service? Check out our profiles on Rice Oil and Soybean Oil! 

Featured article: Looking for healthy low fat snacks? These will give you great ideas for ways to satisfy those munchies without sacrificing your health.

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Trans fat free is devoted to providing information for people who would like to reduce harmful trans fats in their diet and are generally interested in healthy eating and living.
Trans fat free
provides news, articles, recipes and products for those who are interested in improved health or in living trans fat free.


what are trans fatstrans fatty acid foods

Trans fats are found in food and they can be harmful to your health! Trans fats, also called trans fatty acids, are most commonly found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. It is dangerous to eat trans fats; they have been shown to increase the bad cholesterol in the human bloodstream, leading to heart disease and other health problems... Learn more about trans fats...

Trans Fat Free All Natural Cake and Frosting Mixes

Natural cupcake mix Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a mainstream cake mix? Not only are they filled with unhealthy fats, they are laden with artificial colors and flavors. Naturally Nora finally brings you fun, kid-friendly cake mixes that eliminate all the junk and leave you delicious cake flavor! Read our reviews of Naturally Nora cake mix and frosting!


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